L-R: Debbie Lynch Chrisman, Anne Adams Kahn, Carolyne Berkeley

Here we are, still in the throes of the COVID 19 pandemic with the Delta variant surging. I expect we all thought that the roll-out of the vaccines in early 2021 would have allowed us to get back to “normal” by now…spending time with family and friends, resuming postponed travels, and just feeling like ourselves again. It is still my fondest hope and prayer that it won’t be much longer before these things will be commonplace. Fortunately, I was able to spend time at Squam Lake, NH with my deceased husband’s siblings, cousin, and spouses this summer, seeing them for the first time since Jim’s death in April 2021. It was a bittersweet reunion but very restorative, as we shared both laughter and tears.  I also visited with Roxanne Beardsley Niles, her children, and grandchildren near New London, NH, and my daughter Allison in Acton, MA on this trip. My son Christopher and his family live near me in Arlington, VA, and daughter Caitlin has moved from Brooklyn, NY to Boulder, CO, where she can indulge in her passion for rock climbing.

I am sad to report the death of Ann Butterworth Feakins in May 2021 at home in Virginia Beach, VA. Ann graduated Phi Beta Kappa with our class, and became the first female loan officer in New Orleans, LA. Ann is survived by her husband of 47 years, Paul, and three children.

On August 15, Phyllis (Phy) MacDonald Zuccalo passed away after a brief illness, leaving her husband of 47 years, Bill Zuccalo, two children and a grandson.  An Education major at Smith. Phy was a passionate teacher.

Wendy Lindquist’s mother passed away in April 2021.

Camille Adams Helminski has a new book out, published by Sweet Lady Press: The Way of Mary, Maryam, Beloved of God.  Her book is a weaving of strands from ancient sources, traditional stories, poetry and prayers of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism (and beyond) to reveal the illuminated being and life stations of Beloved Mary, the palpable Oneness of all Creation, our Oneness in Spirit.

Connie Cundy Bergsven met Marguerite Michael Beaser in Chicago and they FaceTimed with Wendy Shaw. It was so much fun to catch up with each other, and all agreed that none of them has changed a bit since college. Sadly, Connie’s husband Dave passed way in 2020 due to several difficult health issues (not COVID-19) and she misses him greatly. They were married for 41 years. Connie winters in Bonita Springs, FL and recently purchased a summer home near her daughter Lindsey’s family in Madison, WI. Grandchildren Audrey (8) and Mathis (5) provide her much joy and laughter. Connie looks forward to reconnecting with many classmates at our 50th Reunion on May 2023. I think I can echo that sentiment for all of us.

Teryl Daskal Zarnow has always enjoyed reading everyone else’s news and decided to send in her own update. She closed her communications business two years ago, easing into retirement. In the middles of the pandemic, she and her husband decided to sell their home in Orange County, CA and move south to Carlsbad, CA to be closer to their son and his family. The housing market was strong, so they packed up their 5-bedroom home of 35 years (!) and downsized to a condo. She feels better with less stuff but states emphatically that they are not moving again. They are keeping the self-storage industry afloat, but happily spend time with their only granddaughter. The restrictions caused by the pandemic have made furnishing the condo and meeting people difficult. They are planning to host Barbara Banks Schwam and her husband Keith, the prospect of which will make them get over their fears and hang the artwork!

Janny Josephs Wang reports that the Emerson House gang eagerly awaits our Reunion in 2023. Janny is part of the committee working on plans for our 50th Reunion Book, which will likely appear in both print and digital formats. The committee has had several fun meetings and there is lots of excitement brewing. Be sure to watch your e-mail for details on how to send in photos and biographical information.

Susan Davies has retired after 30-plus years as an Emergency Room physician, most recently in eastern Arizona. Her retirement was prompted by the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. Susan now lives in Albuquerque, NM

Respectfully submitted,
Lolly Olena Mixter, Secretary 
Class of 1973