One year from today we will either be enjoying the afterglow of our fabulous 50th Reunion at Smith or eagerly anticipating that upcoming weekend. As yet, the dates have not been confirmed by the College, but hopefully by the time you read this, those dates will be inked on your calendar. The planning committee is hard at work and our intrepid Reunion Co-Chairs, Margaret Stanford Hunt and Jess Tava, spent the weekend of May 14-16 in Northampton with the class of 1972 as they celebrated their 50th. Jess reports that they collected a lot of feedback to help us plan a super 50th for the super class of 1973. Do check out our class Facebook page for their photos and narrated videos of Illumination. How thrilling to be there in person; I can hardly wait!

I recently received notice of the 2017 passing of Barbara Peck Rothrock, a member of our class who completed two years at Smith before transferring to Williams from which she graduated. Barbara lived in Wilder House while at Smith.

Greta Solomon shared her thoughts about Marcia Radley Minehan who passed away in March of this year. Greta and Marcia roomed together in law school and again in New York City as newly minted lawyers. For the past 30 years, they lived near each in Westport, CT. although their life paths diverged, they kept in touch and shared both ups and down. Marcia’s family came first in her life, but she kept in touch with everyone and everything around Westport and was the person to go to about the community. Marcia was very straightforward about her illness, very practical about what lay ahead, and she faced it with uncommon grace, largely due to her inherent nature and the devotion of her husband, John, and her children.

Melissa McCoy Staples writes that she is happy and well (so far!) in Chapel Hill, NC. She plays a lot of tennis and pickleball, thrilled to be going to concerts and shows again albeit masked and having to show proof of vaccination. She has taken a three-week trip to Spain and Portugal, connecting with friends in Barcelona. Melissa is “Mimi” to four grandsons ages 3, 5, 7, and 10, all of whom live near enough for her to attend baseball games and visit often. She is really looking forward to our 50th!

I am fortunate catch glimpses of classmates as they pass through the Washington, DC area. Erica Swenson Davis and her husband Jim were in DC with friends for the week of Easter to attend services at the Washington National Cathedral. We caught up over lunch with my son Chris and his two children. Chris spent the summer of 1999 living with the Davises in Winston Salem, NC while taking a summer course at Wake Forest University. Jim and Erica enjoy living near their five grandchildren.

Roxanne Beardsley Niles, husband Tom, and their dog Shadow stopped overnight in late April on their way back to Vermont from Florida. Their visit coincided with the first anniversary of my husband’s passing, and I was glad to have the company of friends who had known him as long as I did.

I saw Jane Passman at the Washington National Cathedral this past weekend, where we enjoyed the Cathedral Choral Society’s 80th Anniversary performance of Verdi’s Requiem. What a treat to hear live music in that glorious space. I know we all look forward to safely attending live performances as the world opens up.

Please keep your classmates updated on your milestones as we approach our 50th next Spring. I am only an email or a stamp or a text away.